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Brighton Museum & Art Gallery

On the 23rd May 1973, Bowie performed with The Spiders at Brighton Dome, and was featured on Nationwide Current affairs show aired on BBC1 on 5th June 1973.  You can watch the film here:

You might be able to spot me during rehearsals at the Dome 6:15 minutes in to the footage.


An exhibition documenting my time & travels with Bowie, ‘Rock ’n’ Roll with me’ is set to open in October 2020 at Brighton Museum & Art Gallery located next to the Dome, in the Royal Pavilion Garden in the heart of the citys cultural quarter.


Recent Exhibitions

Lucy Bell Gallery, Hastings

Lucy Bell Gallery presents an exhibition of photographs by Geoff MacCormack documenting his time and travels with David Bowie.


Geoff MacCormack, AKA Warren Peace, was one of David Bowie’s oldest and closest friends, their relationship dating back to their childhoods’ in Bromley. MacCormack toured with Bowie for three years as a backing vocalist, dancer and percussionist. During this time he recorded with Bowie on five albums — from Aladdin Sane to Station to Station, also co-writing the track “Rock ‘n’ Roll With Me” on Diamond Dogs, and Turn Blue with Bowie on Iggy Pops album Lust for Life.


As Bowie preferred not to fly, he and MacCormack travelled together by boat, train and road. The photographs in the exhibition explore this period, and give a rare insight into their friendship. The exhibition also includes a short film of their journey through Siberia & Russia shot by David Bowie, intercut with MacCormacks photographs


New Holland, St Petersburg, Russia

The exhibition of photographs by a British musician and producer Geoff MacCormack documenting friendship and travels with David Bowie will be opened on October 27.

Geoff MacCormack, AKA Warren Peace, was one of David Bowie’s oldest and closest friends. MacCormack toured with Bowie for three years (1973 — 1976) as a backing vocalist, dancer and percussionist. During this time he recorded with Bowie on six albums — from Aladdin Sane to Station to Station, also co-writing the track Rock’n’Roll With Me on Diamond Dogs, and Turn Blue with Bowie on Iggy Pops album Lust for Life.

The exhibition presents more than 70 photographs and it also includes the film The Long Way Home by David Bowie, which documents various stages of their trip, from the docks in Japan through Siberia and Russia on the Trans-Siberian Express, and their time in Moscow for the May Day Parade. The film contains views of Russia shot by David Bowie on a 16-mm camera and unconstrained photographs taken by Geoff MacCormack.

As a part of the opening of the exhibition David Bowie. Rock’n’roll with me at New Holland Island there will be a large parallel program: discussions with Geoff MacCormack, Artemy Troitsky and Francis Whately, screenings: David Bowie: Five YearsDavid Bowie: The Last Five Years and The Man Who Fell to Earth, public talk by a translator Dmitry Simanovsky, as well as a party at Kuznya House with a DJ and musician Rusty Egan (UK).


Francesca Maffeo Gallery

The Duffy Archive attended the opening of the David Bowie Geoff MacCormack Collection at the Francesca Maffeo Gallery in Leigh, Essex. Writer, Producer, Photographer and good friend of the Duffy Archive, Geoff exhibited his first solo show of these intimate photographs of David Bowie taken while he was David’s traveling companion between 1973 and 1976. David and Geoff have been life long friends meeting when they were in the scouts together and this set of photographs depicts a rare and intimate insight into a personal journey. The gallery was packed and it’s a must-see exhibit for any Bowie fan. The exhibit is on through to the 14th of April.

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